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I searched to see if someone made a post on this already, but no one did. I don't mean to make too many posts, but I just want to say this was an excellent quest. Even though it didn't have any voice acting, it was very entertaining surprisingly. I also like the music a lot in Defiance Bay.


I wonder if Mr. Bell is a fan of Basil Poledouris, probably a silly question :)


Svef Den for the win.

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Despite what I may post, I'm a huge fan of Pillars of Eternity, it's one of my favorite RPG's.

Anita Sarkeesian keeps Bioware's balls in a jar on her shelf.

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I was just in the Sven Den, if it's Pursic's (sp?) house just north of the Goose and Fox Inn.  And I had an unrelated observation.  In that side quest, the wizard that disguised himself as Pursic was supposedly sent by someone else to deal with Pursic, IIRC.  But the side quest wasn't extended to deal with the person who sent the wizard.  It seems to me that if you don't deal with the person who sent the wizard, then Pursic and his girlfriend would still be in some serious trouble, unless they left the city.

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