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Lorem Ipsum Text in Catacombs



There's lorem ipsum text in the first room in the catacombs. When I enter the catacombs and go into the first little room there's a "Memorials" sign. I looked at it and it showed lorem ipsum text. I looked at it again and it had the expected text. When you look at the memorials sign there are a bunch of options, the first one says "Theferds of Wollongong"

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The memorials are written by backers of the game. If a certain backer found it funny to have Lorem ipsum written on their memorial, then that's what's there.

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I've started out yesterday and found the same issue with the Lorem Ipsum text at the Memorials in the Wooden Plains.

After trying some more, I found that the initial text isn't always the text which should be displayed.
The title is the Memorial which is selected and the memorial shown is the one which is last selected.

My best guess (at the moment) is that the Lorem Ipsum text is displayed only when you activate the Memorial and after that it will display the last selected text when reading them.

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