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I guess I could ask a similar question for melee attack speed stacking. But anyway...


There are many ranged speed buffs in this game, and I'd like to know whether they stack.


How they stack I don't really care, though I suspect it would have to be additive.


In particular, does the ranged speed buff from chanters stack with the Gunner talent, and with the Speed modifier (+20% speed) on weapons? Do these in turn stack with the Ranger's Swift Aim Modal?

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Currently the speed property doesn't work. Theoretically, all of those should stack together; Gunner, Sure-Handed Ila, and Swift Aim all appear to stack fine. The general rules for stacking are: Passive bonuses (including bonuses tacked on to active abilities by talents) and Chants stack with everything; Item enchantments don't stack with other item enchantments of the same type; Active abilities (including modals) don't stack with other Active abilities.


Given that, and the way attack speed bonuses are carefully parceled out, the only cases I can think of where attack speed buffs might not stack would be a Paladin using Hastening Exhortation on a character who already has an attack speed buff active (e.g. Swift Aim, Frenzy, etc.), or dual-wielding speed weapons (if the property worked in the first place).

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speed modifiers dont work on weapon so those dont stack.


speed bonuses either apply to recovery or reload.


so if u using swift aim + gunner + sure handed chant


u get 1.9 bonus on reload and a 1.4 bonus on recovery


they lower your reload and recovery times by dividing it  by 1.9 or 1.4


correct me if im wrong though.

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Item enchantments don't stack with other item enchantments of the same type


Generally correct, I would just like to add that attribute bonuses on weapons stack with attribute bonuses on items. This caught me by surprise.


Good catch. This doesn't come up much since there's little overlap between weapon/shield properties and properties on items in other slots, but the game does seem to treat your weapons and shields as a separate category when it comes to stacking, so Godanthyr's Might bonus will stack with +Might items, and Sura's Supper Plate would stack with the old Sanguine Plate for extra retaliate opportunities.

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Has someone checked using fraps if the modifiers stack additively for the reloading part of ranged weapons? I'm asking because when you look into Cheatengine they are multiplied (1.2x1.5x1.2 for a ranger with gunner, swift aim and chanter buff). 

OK, I tested myself using fraps/virtualdub how the reload time was calculated and everything is multiplicative like I suspected.

Here are the numbers for the arquebus (used the reload time without the delay you have between actions - which is about 5frames):

- 10dex, no other buff - 188frames (base)

- 10dex, swift aim (1.5 x reload time) - 126frames (188/1.5=125.3)

- 10dex, swift aim (1.5 x reload time), gunner (1.2 x reload time) - 105frames (188/1.5/1.2=104.4)

- 20dex, swift aim (1.5 x reload time), gunner (1.2 x reload time) - 81frames (188/1.5/1.2/1.3=80.3)

- 20dex, swift aim (1.5 x reload time), gunner (1.2 x reload time), chant (1.2 x reload time) - 66frames (188/1.5/1.2/1.3/1.2=66.95)

The results are pretty spot on, with the differences within 1frame.



Unlike the recovery bonuses, reload bonuses all all multiplicative. Dexterity affects everything (attack animation, recovery, reload) and is multiplicative, while the speed bonuses are all additive and affect only the recovery.

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