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But... min maxing is life :p











Sure, there's no need for min maxing, but I just wanted a ruthless band of killers ;)

And you attack a lot in the game. Like, all the time. Over the course of the game that difference in might is gonna add up.


but I'll stop derailing this thread now

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Since Con is a percentage effect, it has a lower impact the smaller your class's health pool is. A max level Rogue only gets about 5 endurance per point of Con, so the difference between 10 Con and 8 Con on a Rogue is the difference between 180 endurance and 170. This is why people find it so easy to dump Con when they're min-maxing. More power to you if you want to leave it average because it bothers you to have dump stats, though.


Well it is not that I do not lower one or two stats on other character types, I have a Barbarian with below default Per and also a Fighter with low Int. But I decided that I will act on that tip of Crucis and hire a mercenary Melee Rogue with a main character I like. That way I can experiment with less worries. :)



As others have said, min-maxing doesn't make that much of a difference in this game.


For example, Might. There simply isn't that much of a difference between 14 Might and 18 Might. Sure that extra 4 Might would give you 1.12 more damage, which is nice, but as a melee Rogue you already have Sneak + Reckless, far better than maxing Might.


What this means is that you shouldn't feel pressured to dump any stat to pump any other stat--especially on Normal--unless you want to. 


I beat the game with a Rogue with 12 Might and high Perception/Resolve because I wanted those (for deflection and RP purposes). At no point whatsoever did I think, "Oh boy, if only I had pumped 20 Might."



And at the moment I do not want a main Melee Rogue char that has stats below 10. But as I mention at the beginning of this post I will hire a Melee Rogue mercenary, that way I do not have to worry so much since he/she is just hired and not my main character. I could even use some of the advice given in this thread. It will be the first time that I will hire a Mercenary/Adventurer so I have no idea what I can get, but that will become clear once I do.

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