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I was confused about this, and I couldn't find any information about this matter.

It might not be a big thing, but I wish this could be a good tip for others.



So Mail Armor has DR reduction calculation orders as below


Normal :

BASE 9×1=9   SLASH 9×1.5=14   CRUSH 9×0.5=4.5


Exceptional : 

BASE (9+4)×1=13   SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5   CRUSH (9+4)×0.5=6.5


Exceptional + Crush Proofed : 

BASE (9+4)×1=13   SLASH (9+4)×1.5=19.5   CRUSH (9+4+3)×0.5=8


Consequently, 'Proofing' enchants are always applied at first, so 'crush proofing' your mail armor might not be a good choice.

CRUSH-Proofing on mail armor only increases 1.5 CRUSH-DR, while SLASH-Proofing increases 4.5 SLASH-DR.

If you want to defend against CRUSH damage, you'd rather use other armors, like brigandine or plate.








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Interesting enough, armors where mitigating weakness with proofing is best, are those that do not have weaknesses as such, but two +25% strengths, and 3rd physical protection without any weakness.


Like Padded and Plate. In those cases using proffing for slashing (padded) and crushing (plate) is great, since it adds full +3DR bonus, and as result you get all around great armor.

Spell Fixes compilation for Neverwinter Nights 2, as well as my other submissions for this great game.

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