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How to drop the water level in Defiance Bay to get to Derrin's body?

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It looks like a bug. The fisherman say that the water level will not drop till sunrise and I wait and wait it is 9 o clock in the morning and I still cannot enter and water level has not changed nor fisherman's line?


What is the time and where is the entry point?

Very frustraiting - or bug?



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Wait a little longer and try exiting and re-entering the area. I don't remember the threshold time, but it should be fine once the area is in daylight (remember, it's a 27 hour day so 9 o'clock is not quite what it means in our world). You should be able to enter the water at several points where the wooden planks you are walking on slope downwards.

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Also, the water doesn't start rising the moment that dusk hits either. You have time.

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