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Is this a damage reduction bug? (Crush proofed)



I enchanted 'Lost Meadow Mail' with 'Crush-Proofed'
It was Crush:7, so I thought it should be Crush:10.
However, it turned out Crush:8.
I think there's some problem with Damage Reduction stacking.
Am I doing something wrong? or is it just a bug?
Thanks for the great game. And I really wish this would be a help.


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Hmm... it seems that +3 crush is applied before calculating armor vulnerability.


Mail is very vulnerable to crush, so has 50% DR agains crush.


DR 13 + 3 = 16, but if you then calculate 50% vunlerability you get 8 DR.

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Spell Fixes compilation for Neverwinter Nights 2, as well as my other submissions for this great game.

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Yeah, I remember reading an explanation for this a while back. The DR variations against different damage types isn't a flat number but a percentage, so sometimes you get some counterintuitive results. It's not a bug, just a poorly explained mechanic.

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As mentioned it isn't bug in mechanics but in explanation and presentation. In my opinion they should fix many of enchantment, talent and ability explanations so that they more accurately represent actual game mechanics or they should change game mechanics to correlate with explanations.


Their current problem with armors' DR come from fact that they use multipliers (usually if not always 1.5/1/0.5) to change base DR for specific damage types, but their DR bonus enchantments give integer bonus to base DR that is then changed by damage type multiplier. Which can cause unexpected results for those players that aren't familiar with math behind the damage type DRs. In my opinion they should go with system where integer bonus from enchantments is added to DR after base DR is changed by multiplier, because that would wield results that player excepts by reading enchantments' description.

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