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So I thought I'd make a game. The idea is to post a question/riddle about game mechanics or lore (I think it will be more mechanics based which is why I posted it in this subforum) that you think will be difficult to solve and then people try and answer it. The person who does posts their question, and the process continues (or if they just wanted to answer and not post a question, they can say as much and then whoever posts a question next sets the new question - other questions posted after will be ignored). Only one question/riddle at any time, and if no one can solve the riddle in a few days (let's say something around three max) then the poster reveals the answer and can either post another question or abstain (again a first come first served basis for who sets the next question). There's no need for the original poster to confirm a correct answer if someone is sure, though if it was a complete guess then by all means they can say whether it was right or not.


Questions can be as focussed or as loose as you like, for example something like how can you hit a specific fortitude score at a certain level with a certain class by a certain location would be a perfectly fine example of a focussed question. Spoilers are quite welcome. Let your imagination run wild!


Now for my question: How can you level up Calisca before she dies?

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