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Unable to update my game





my game states in the corner of the main screen that it is v1.0.3.0524. When I download any of the patches from gog.com and try to apply them I get "This patch does not support your version of the game, please download a new installer". Would you advice me on how to manage this? Thanks.

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Can't Run The Exe File


This topic applies in my case. I downloaded the 1.05 patch from GOG. In the early part of downloading, I got a pop-up in the lower left part of my screen pertaining to the patch file. My machine questioned whether this file is safe. I clicked "keep" the file instead of discarding it.


Then the 1.05 patch won't run. The exe file won't start. No error message and event viewer is of no help. I've never had this issue before with Pillars patches from GOG. I don't remember having this issue with any game earlier. My virus scan is turned off. I ran malware cleanup. I can run other downloaded exe files: I get the typical pop-up asking if I trust this exe. Am I the only one facing this problem at this point? I've downloaded the 1.05 patch from GOG now thrice to avoid the download being corrupted. Still not able to run the 1.05 patch.

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