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I am still unable to beat this badass. I am level 11. I would like to know what party do you suggest to do it. Right now it's Edér, Kana, Durance, Sagani, Aloth and me.


I think I am going to try with some more magic firepower, GM and Hiravias maybe.


I am very dissapointed about this combat. It seems it isn't winnable unless you paralyze/petrify the dragon. Talk about tactics.


Another weird thing is that you can slay half/all of her minions and she won't get angry.

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if you really wanan do it hard way without petrify :


priest is mendatory i think, for the accuracy buff ie devotion of faithful+blessing,


also debuff her reflexes/defense wirst with dragon slayer+mage expose vulnerabilites and blinded.


most offensive spells sue reflex check, so lowing  with blind is crucial. usually a blind+expodse weakness+terrified shud put her reflex/fortitude/dr lwo enough for u to be bale put some damage with your damaging spells. i suggest strongly using minolettes consusive missile+minoelteas peircing burst ( ignore dr).


also priest pilalr of fire is fine.


i did it on POTD few days ago, without petrify. minolettas  is op for killign bot hadra and taos9his ^pets. big damage, ignore Dr...


other way around, is if you cant debuff her dr/reflex/fortiu, make her accuracy clsoe to 0.


blind+priest despondent blow make her unable to hit anything...

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just keep working at it, many things work.  Debuffs are key, though, it has too much resist and armor etc to just beat it down with brute force.  A melee heavy group may struggle here.


First time I tried it, my party just all fell over dead repeatedly and the combat log would not even say why.   I had to go away and come back later.  


An old bumper sticker at the conventions used to read ..  "sometimes the dragon wins" ...

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