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So, huge fan of the Cartoon Network show and making a themed party of them.


1.  Finn the Human- Ranger + Jake the Dog (wolf).  Uses the Swift aim modal in melee.  Faster attacks + stalker's link and similar give that team attack feel.

2.  Princess Bubblegum- Ranger (no idea on race) + BMO (Boar More Companion).  Maxes Lore + Vicious aim = SCIENCE!

3.  Marceline- Death Godlike Chanter- I debated druid because she does shapeshift a bit, but I felt like its all about the bass.

4.  Lumpy Space Princess- Moon God-like Monk.  I just remember her taking a lot of lumps so wounds = lumps.   :w00t:

5.  Ice King- Pale Elf Wizard.  It ain't easy being blue.

6.  Lady Rainacorn- Cipher (no idea on race)


That's it for the main ones, feel free to add suggestions!

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