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[1.04] Final Battle with Thaos - Character Stuck/Freeze



I would like to report this bug and hope for a fix asap. I was following a guide by Emeus (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76280-finished-triple-crown-solo-as-cipher/) to get triple crown solo achievement. In the Final battle vs Thaos and the 2 guys I managed to fight only Thaos and the top guy, Woedica's Judge. Woedica's Headsman was in the Fog of War all the time, out of combat. So after I defeated those 2, I sudenly became out of combat. I thought of this as an opportuntiy so I saved my game. After that I went to kill the Headsman, in the middle was the soul of Thaos, but no body, it somehow got bugged out and dissapeared I guess. After I killed the headsman, my character got bugged. Entire interface got frozen. I couldn't move, nor use any skills. The game itself is running, I can see these lighting animations and my character swinging weapons for example. Looks like there is some trigger failure for the final cutscene? I was thinking about quitting my game after the bug occured so the ironman save would be overwritten and maybe after restarting the issue would resolve on its own, but I am afraid that this might ruin the entire run for me. Can anyone advise if I can swap save games in ironman mode? I mean I make a backup of the save before fighting the headsman, and quit the game after the fight so it will be automatically overwritten and if it doesnt fix the problem after restarting can I swap it back to the save before the mentioned fight?

Any other sugestions are pretty welcome, I want those achievements! :) 

Here is a screenshot post fight.


as for the save game it takes more than 4 Mb, should I upload it on some hosting site and paste the link or what?

Hoping for some solutions!


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Oh man, I get frustrated by only reading it!


Weird things happen during that fight. If you kill Thalos before the judges (maybe this was already fixed) game will crush after killing the judges. The safe way is always making sure to kill the judges and once they're dead fight Thalos alone.


As for swaping Trials of Iron saved games... I don't think that will work.


Sorry pal :(

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yeah, I killed Thaos first, this is the easiest way, but so did this guy in his guide. I think the problem is that I didnt fight 3 enemies at the same time, only 2. sigh, guess I'll wait for the devs to show up and save the day :)

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I randomly reloaded my game, months after I "finished" it, encountering this same bug.

Since I have several solo games on my belt which never bugged, I assumed reloading would fix this issue, but even months after the bug happened I still get it.

Help would be appreciated, since my reload had the reason of me wanting to import this char to Deadfire.

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