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Ah thanks guys, and BTW not having respawn is NOT great. It makes the game feel empty after you cleared away the areas.. im not even saying add exp per monster. Even pointless encounters are fun for me. Monsters would inhabit a forest again, so just having no monsters left in the game is pretty dumb. There would be nothing to do if you cleared all of them out.


Well, I agree with "Monsters would inhabit a forest again"  but not with There would be nothing to do if you cleared all of them out.  This is not the kind of game you will return an area often and if you do, it is because of the story and you WILL have encounters. PE is totally story-driven so you will busy advancing and there is not reason to return an area you already cleaned. And that's fine, because there are a LOT of new areas ahead, so, don't worry about the areas you left behind. Now, a bit of respawning could be realistic, because the experience point system avoid the farming, so there are no reason to creatures no returning an area. In the other hand, this could be just time consuming without adding anything to the story.


you're right actually. It's not like I really wish there was a respawning feature in the game, I know at some point I would get annoyed.. So my complaining about it, it'snt even a true complaint. It's just something I thought would be cool. LOL

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A rogue is pretty good in melee or ranged. But it is easier if you decide at creation which way to go. Focus on anything that improves Crit. Even Race, hint hint. There are weapons as well as factions that will increase crit % as well. Its possible to basically get a rogue to crit on every melee hit. Even ranged not trying 1st playthrough ym rogue crit on like 80% of all hits.


Priests I kind of find lackluster in PoE. Adored Clerics in DnD. But I guess in DnD you almost always had several fighter levels 1st. But the Cleric buffs in DnD were ridiculous. Made them  almost not hittable and also gave them same To Hit and like Orgre Strength.


Priest Accuracy kind of sucks in PoE. And you have to put so much effort into it I feel to make it worth it if you want to engange and do good melee damage. They can be cannons pretty good. Right Race and talents can really boost ranged Accuracy a lot. Melee you have to make sure you give them a reach item that has extra accuracy or go 1 handed.


I turned my Durance into a front line Tank. So he could cast his buffs/debuffs/heals at the front line. Focus on them defense talents. Biggest enchanted shield until you find that "special small shield" and hatchet for more deflection. a +10 deflection item as well. Som Con/Endurance boosting items. Second chance item. Even got him a endurance regenration item. He rarely got hit and he could regen like a fighter.

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