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Some more bugs I've encountered


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Some more bugs that I've encountered as I've played.  I'm sure some, if not many, have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings.



-When assassinating Marshall Wenfeld for House Doemenel a Justiciar walked into the chapel and saw the fighting but didn't go hostile.


-When in stealth mode the green highlighting of stealth icon on the center HUD is visible behind the 4th PC portrait when the HUD is collapsed.


-'Pain Block' (level 4 cipher spell) doesn't list its base duration in the tool-tip when leveling up. Also, when casting Pain Block on a PC wearing an item that grants retaliation, retaliation is triggered, injuring the cipher.


-After making a note and closing the journal all functionality is lost, e.g., can't unpause if paused, party wont move, etc. The only way to regain functionality is to press escape to bring up the main menu then closing it.


-After completing the quest 'The Final Act' in Defiance Bay the journal showed that I had turned in both Lumdala and Lord Gaderman even though I killed both of them.


-The Justiciar outside the Heritage Hill gates has bugged dialogue. After the little girl is saved and the other Justiciar takes her away he still references the guard being there and won't tell you what is happening inside the gates... even though he's already let you in and you've saved the area.


-Traps recovered from different areas seem to have trouble stacking.


-Paralysis occasionally becomes bugged making the enemies no longer appear paralyzed even though they are. Other times the animation flies away from the targeting circle off the screen.


-Elder Stag is missing its description in the bestiary.


-The pop-up following quest completion doesn't highlight that quest in the journal when clicked on, it just opens the quest log.


-Upon fixing the elemental forges (wind,fire,earth,wind prisms) on level 7 of Od Nua I received no experience.


-Upon giving 'The Theorems of Pandgram' to Nedyn to complete the quest of the same name, Nedyn acts as if all the inhabitants of the temple of Wael were slaughtered even though they weren't. In addition, the quest log references 'the bloodshed at the Hall of Revealed Mysteries' as if all the people inside were killed.


-Lore requirement on scrolls is consistently incorrect.  Also, it doesn't change depending on which character is selected.


-Level 5 druid spell 'Cleansing Wind' doesn't list what the foe effects are.


-Picking up an item when in the vending screen makes the slider go crazy.


-The developer commentary tab doesn't close when the commentary is finished.


-Multiple prones have stacked on occassion.


-Equipping many spell-bound items doesn't grant the spell until after resting or changing zones.


-The 'Animat' pet frequently gets stuck moving around zones. Less frequently, it also multiplies.


-Retaliate stacks... I hope this is a bug as its way too powerful.

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-Lore requirement on scrolls is consistently incorrect.  Also, it doesn't change depending on which character is selected.

I see it as nothing in the popups is depending the selected character, but on character on which inventory it is.

And yes 4 is not 4

lore 4 in red: https://xaratas.priv...load/0d326e56b1

lore 4 in white: https://xaratas.priv...load/50766fbd06



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As for prisms in level 7 of Cad Nua : I encounter a bug where i didn't actually had to put em all in place to open the door leading to level 8 !


I had only the wind prism in my inventory, and pull the lever facing the door, and it opened... Next I cleaned up the level and put all four prisms in place and nothing happened - indeed ! Because the door already opened...


I did not recall gaining experience, either.

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