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I have recently finished my PotD run with a full party of 'supposedly min/max'd' (ew) custom characters. Now that I feel comfortable enough with the mechanics, I feel like it is now time for me to focus on the one aspect I have always loved in the IE games: theme of the party.


Before we (or I) start, here are some links to some amazing high quality portraits with similar styles; permission already granted through their websites:

http://www.jasonseow.com/poeportraits by Jason Seow - full permission to modify and repost

http://wespenfresser.deviantart.com/ by wespenfresser - disallowed cropping and posting without link

http://lucanii01.deviantart.com/art/Rain-the-Cipher-522921730 by lucanii - free download


Feel free to let me know if there are more of these around so I can add them to OP.


The topic at hand: Themes

Many comes to mind when Pillars of Eternity contained such deep lore, the posibilities are limitless! I often imagine my group has just arrived in Dyrwood only to find the newborne nation to be in deep dissent rather than trying to solve the soul crisis. I'll list two of my favorites:


Vailian Mercenary Warband 

Commissary - Gold Pact Paladin/Old Vailia Aristocrat

Captain - Fighter/Old Vailia Mercenary

Lieutenant - Fighter/Old Vailia Mercenary

Sergeant - Fighter/Old Vailia Mercenary

Specialist - Rogue/Old Vailia Laborer

Chaplain - Priest/Aedyr Clergyman


The White that Wends Expedition

 Emissary - Chanter/Aristocrat

Adventurer - Fighter/Explorer

Scout - Ranger/Hunter

Guard - Fighter/Mercenary

Fugitive - Rogue/Drifter 

 Scribe - Cipher/Mystic



These groups are far from being the most viable composition for PotD, but, hey, it's more fun this way.. based on personal taste.


Post your party and its theme, along with whatever info you'd like to provide: Names, roles, classes, backgrounds, even bios!


Let us all start lobbying for custom biographies for all the hired adventurers!

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*throws smoke bombs in the thread and vanishes into the dark corners of the forums*

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