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Making a melee Wizard for hard + expert. I could really need some help not to make any terrible mistakes. The following post is my logical train of thought for making it maximum viable. Could you give me any advice or tell me if some of my decision making here is off?





It seems that fire godlike and moon godlike are the only good choices here. Which one would you consider better? 


With moon godlike, you heal endurance 3 times per encounter at 75/50/25% hp. 
Seems to favor: Might (+Damage and benefit from the +Healing)

With fire godlike, 4DR at 50% health and below. However: With low base health, might not actually be that good?
Seems to favor: Con

Endurance and constitution

The difference between 3 - 10 - 20 constitution is for a lvl7 Wizard (choosing mid-range level here): -21% - 0% - +30%


@30+10 endurance per level: 79HP or 100hp or 130hp.

With vital essence our endurance will be (at its peak): 179 - 200 - 230



Spell durations for a Melee wizard


Parasitic staff: 30 seconds

Eldritch Aim (+15 ACC): 10 seconds
Spirit shield: 60 seconds


Bulwark against elements (elemental DT): 60 seconds
Infuse with vital essence (100end bonus): 15 seconds


Alacrity of motion (1.5 attack speed, minor endurance drain): 15 seconds

Displaced image (+20 deflection +20 reflex): 15 seconds


Iron skin (+8DT): Duration is 10 received attacks

Martial power (+20 con, dex, deflection, +20 to hit roll): 20 seconds

As we can see, the absolute highest peak we can reach in one fight is:

+20 to hit
+20 deflection

+20 dex

+20 con
+20 reflex, will, fortitude

100 end bonus
1.5 attack speed

In conclusion, int should definitely be your main boosted stat to improved durations, due to limited rest. Do you agree?


Weapon of choice


Spears for +acc /w light shield for deflection bonus. Light shield has no +acc penalty.
Estoc for DR bypass, will be good /w the 1.5 attack speed buff.

Quarterstaff for extended reach and parasitic staff spell.

Hatchet for deflection bonus.

These seems to be the best options, thoughts?





+ chance to hit is VITAL for a melee wiz due to low starting value. 
Weapon focus: Peasant grants +6acc to hatchet, spear and quarterstaff. This would definitely be the best choice unless you go Estoc?


Cautious attack: 0.8 speed modifier for +10 deflection. With alacrity (1.5 bonus) this becomes 1.3 bonus with +10 deflection. A good choice no?

Lesser and greater spell heuristics: Increases the casting time for all our buff spells. Can't go wrong with these I think?


Superior deflection: +5 deflection





Constitution: Leave at 10 imo, because Wizards get the LEAST from boosting health. A melee wizard should focus on DR and deflection. Alternatively - If you go fire godlike, max Con.


Might: If moon godlike, max. If not, 10-14
Dexterity: 10-12
Perception: 10-12

Intelligence: 18+

Resolve: 10-12


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Con is for Fortitude against stunlock, it is not maximum viable I agree ;)  Max for Fire Godlike it will take longer for bonuses to activate. I wonder if casting Essence on top cancels it. I think Moon will play a bit differently from Fire, summons wise for example.


You may want to check the attack speed/recovery thread because nor Dex nor Mig stated seem maximum viable. Without casting damage spells damage should come from melee. While there, check on weapon stats. Hatchet for example does not shine much nor does lowering attack speed. Sure you get  + 10 deflection and in theory do not lose much but its 3rd level spell to offset it. Not per encounter one.


Looks good, let know how it goes.

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