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Obsidian true to form releasing a buggy mess. (Can't forge broken paths sword)



I am very disappointed.


Once again Obsidian has released a great game completely hobbled by bugs. Considering that there was no publisher pressure to release here I'm not sure what to say any more.


I am aware that there are people who have had relatively smooth playthroughs but when the support forum fills up with bug reports so quickly that posts are visible on the first page for a few hours before being pushed off then you have a problem. I have personally had to fight with multiple bugs to get to where I am. *sigh*


I am hoping that this general forum has less people posting topics to try to get help with the latest issue because the post I made in the support forum has been pushed down a few pages by other bug reports in less than 24 hours..


The problem is that I am in chapter 3, I have finally got all 4 pieces of the sword of the broken paths but the NPC who is supposed to give the dialog option to reforge the sword doesn't give me that option.


I definitely have all the pieces required.


Does anyone know of a work around?


Cant EDIT:  I'm moving this to the tech support forum because of two reasons.  First, it's minorly spoilerish.  Second, it contains an actual bug report.  Finally, I'm leaving the commentary, but adding the sword issue to the title.  Good luck with the sword, brendanh!

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Cail The Silent- The drake coils its body protectively around something. "One day I will become a burning thing. Bright and terrible like my spark."
Quest "Cinders of Faith"
Sagani- Sagani chuckles. "Nothing against these stuffy forests, but you haven't seen the southern lights over Naasitaq."
Quest "The Long Hunt"

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I ended up deciding to shelve the game for a couple months. After losing a few abilities during my first play through I took a break it in hopes that 1.0.3 would provide a stable game. After about twenty hours into a second play with 1.0.3 (the abilities are still broke and look to stay broke until at least 1.0.5) I had to troubleshoot a couple new bugs, and a few that weren't addressed, until I finally lost another encounter ability I was unable to catch. It just felt like I needed to keep myself educated about all the bugs that are showing up so that I could either avoid or manage them... and it wasn't worth it. I don't want to feel like I need to save before every interaction in this game, it's not how I'd like to play. And anyway, Trial of Iron was supposed to be my second play through, but that didn't happen and isn't looking to be viable any time soon.


Just a thought that you might want to consider. Some people seem to be doing fine. But if you have a strong negative reaction bugs, waiting might be better for your experience in the long run. 


edit- words is hard

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I'm in the same boat. I got to Gilded Vale on my first (and only) playthrough, lost  a bunch of items as I was testing how character dismissal worked, saw a ton of issues being reported on the forums and decided to avoid playing the game altogether. Thankfully, this gave me the time to finally complete Dragonfall (now, that's a kick-ass game).

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