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Grieving Mother didn't have Mental Binding, worth missing a higher lvl spell for it?

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Hi there,

So its my first playthrough and I got grieving mother fairly late, she didn't have mental binding. I didn't even really know about it until now and i've just got level 8. Is it worth grabbing it and dismissing a higher lvl 8 spell etc?

Using her to mainly do cc for my rogue/additional dps. She's using a buffed blunderbuss back row as it just logically seems the best for focus...



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I already took the 'No pain' spelland the screaming one. Reasoning being that the pain spell allowed kana to soak up more hits when off tanking and whilst the other provided cc. Is it worth getting mental binding over Mind Lance?

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I have own lv 5 cipher,and Mental Blades is my most useful and the most often cast spell.


For me, that may as well not even be on the cipher spell list since the nerf.


Not that I care, since I could just mod the damage back to what it was if I really wanted to.

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