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[Bug] - Unable to use same shield in more than one Weapon Set



Description -

Currently, the user is unable to use the same shield in more than one weapon set. If this is by design, may i suggest that it be changed as, while not game breaking, i do feel it is rather immersion breaking.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Open a characters inventory

2. Attempt to use 1 shield in more than one weapon set

3 Confirm you unable to do this





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Another detail that was pointed out during the beta. Agree that the feature should be introduced. Baldur's Gate had its way to do it, but the problem was that you could not switch between a bow and sword+shield. The "ghosting" idea should make the job, provided that the complexity of the game code don't introduce bugs allowing to "duplicate" items or whatever :). Yes, with such complex games, i fear the bugs.

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