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EDer sword and board

custom Barb DW

me Chanter 2H




we are level 3 and getting creamed!!  Im trying to finish the potion quest for the lady in Gilded Vale, spores are nuking me,  Cant seem to win against 7-8 wolves at Crossroads.


Where to go for XP?  I know it's hardest level, but I am struggling to figure out who to beat to get XP.


IM using spells, potions, scrolls, everything I have and aloth and the bard are just too squishy right now to last.  Cant even get my chant to three and summon shade to help with numbers.


THanks for any tips.

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Valenwood: everything except Bears, if you cant handle that lower difficulty

Gilded Vale: everything except temple, blacksmith can be done without fight, and Ranga well, pull them back to entrance, Slicken (or perhaps even ranged weapon or just coming out of stealth) will draw the smaller ones and one of them tends to follow to entrance. There you kill it and it drops what you need.  The other part, if you should be able to do.


Now you are level 4


additionally, explore all maps and while at it you might want to pick up some loot and/or kills few mobs for exp and mats.

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The spores are not easy at that level for PotD, because you can't split pull them. The best you can do is to lure the 4 small ones near the entrance to avoid the dominate effects from the larger variants, where if your party doesn't have enough durable tanks they will tear through your party.


So head over to Caed Nua and try to clear that so you have access to the druid. Stealth your way through the courtyard (stick to southern end) to avoid having to fight so many shadows and wisps at once. The mobs at the courtyard (and the library too) disappear once you've finished this dungeon. Once inside, abuse chokepoints with Durrance's Withdrawal and nukes. For the dungeon boss (the fight after a lengthy talk), one way to do it at low level is to pull > disengage > pull again > kill off  the blights one by one (a lot of pulling + disengaging), and if possible get the spiders at the south western end to aggro them. 


Once you have another nuker on your team life becomes much easier. You could also, as suggested, hire another generic druid/wizard (one more Fan of Flames!) at the inn if you aren't inclined to stick to a companions only run. 

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Idiot that I am, never thought about pulling those sporelings to the entrance :(


That should help.


The last character I am going to use is the Druid, but he wont show up for a while, maybe I will get Kana to hold his place for  a while.


I figure once I get come extra levels I will do better, and I want a challenge, but wow, this is going to be a LONG game :)

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Also, my custom BARB is so squishy it dies so easily.  I want to go duel wield so i pumped DEX, but don't have a lot of RES or PER.  his deflection is weak.  But if I give him heavy armor to offset that weakness, his recovery rate is crap, which seems somewhat counter intuitive for a DW build.


Am I playing the BARB wrong?  


Also, should I only use fast weapons on a duel wield?  Or one average and one fast? 


I set INT at 17 for the BARB, is that wise, or a waste considering his abilities?

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The spores are not difficult at all... Pull and take out the sporelings first and then take the 2 spores alone. Don't hit your allies when they are charmed. 


And then I suggest you to do every areas before Caed Nua, except the temple and Readric's fortress. Do those 2 after completing all the areas and before proceeding to Caed Nua. Should be totally fine. Prioritize deflection above all early on, especially for your tanks. And also DR weapons.  


From there it's all about knowing the spells and knowing how to position your chars.


* And yeah, you're build isn't optimal. Watch some videos on youtube, to help you figure what are the best stats for your barb. it's probably something like max might, bit of int and dex, and then the rest in perception for deflection.

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