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damage mechanics and might bonus



i have sword - base damage 13-18

It is fine so it should give 14.95-20.7. Statistics screen shows 14-20 - ok i can take it as round down

now i give this sword to character with 16 might (18% damage bonus) and get... 15-21

how i can get 13*1.15*1.18=15 instead 17.67??? even if these bonuses are not cumulated 13*(1+0.15+0.18)=17.29 whch is still 17?


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Most modifiers stack additively, not multiplicatively. I'm not following your example because your post is a mess, but that's probably the source of your confusion.

why is it mess? everything is step by step

as i said even for additive bonus 13*(1+0.15 (fine)+0.18(might))=17 and statistics screen shows 15

moreover i gave this sword to character with might 12 (6% bonus) and statistic screen gives 13-18 as if sword is not even fine quality! 

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A Sword does 11-16.

Fine adds *1.15 Damage (and +4 Accuracy, but that has no bearing in this).

16 Might adds *1.18 Damage.


.15 + .18 = .33


11 * (1+.18+.15) = drumroll.... 14,63! Rounded to 15.


Also, just for future reference, the game does take fractions into account, but only displays rounded numbers, which becomes all kinds of broken when you're trying to gauge actual damage and effects of armour (because DR also works in fractions and percentages).


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