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Irregularities with the Stronghold Interface



beta v1.0.4.0534 -steam



The button should read "Recall" instead of "Assign", since a companion is already assigned to the adventure.  This was seen immediately after loading the save immediately after launching the game, shortly after booting the computer.  Clicking the "Assign" button did in fact recall Hiravias from the adventure.  I exited to the menu and reloaded the save, and the button then displayed correctly as "Recall".


Last night I had a kidnapping (of Lord Sidroc).  When I assigned Grieving Mother to rescue him, the action window did not display the text "Grieving Mother is assigned".  The action button (which I think also said "Assign" instead of "Recall") was higher up, where one would expect to see that text (ie up where it says "Hiravias is assigned" in the image above).  Unfortunately I neglected to get a screenshot of that problem.


Also, at a certain point the upgrades list stopped reflecting new upgrade orders correctly.  I would click on "Purchase" to begin a new upgrade, but that button would not disappear to be replaced by a countdown to completion of the construction project.  Clicking on the same "Purchase" button again would result in the message "_____ is already in progress.", where the blank was the name of the project (as expected, since the project had started).  Leaving and returning to the screen resulted in the countdown to completion being displayed correctly.


Saved Game

Output Log

System Information


I'm not sure how much use those files will be, since reproducing the problems is unreliable (I can't really trigger a kidnapping on demand).

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