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BUG: dismissing/recruiting casters at stronghold keep granting extra spells when equipped/using a talent that grants bonus spells



I *believe* this is an interaction with dismiss/recruit at stronghold plus one of the following:

a) one of the bonus spell talents

b) an item that grants bonus spells


Equip a character with an item OR set them up with a bonus spell talent. Dismiss them. Then later, recruit them. They will permanently have 1 additional spell of that type (as if the bonus spell effect gets erroneously re-applied). You can keep doing this though I stopped at 10 spells/level by chance. There doesn't appear to be a way to reset a character's spells/day to the correct amount.


With this odd bug, my level 8 Durance has 10/10/10/3 spell casts (he's equipped with the Seal of Faith or whatever ring which grants a bonus level 1, 2, and 3 spell) and my level 8 druid (forget his name) has 10/4/4/3 spell casts (he joined the party with Bonus Level 1 Spell Talent). Aloth, who I didn't give any of these types of bonus spell talents/items, always has the correct number of spells when I recruit/dismiss him.

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