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Act 3 Defiance Bay

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So, I've finished the game already but on my playthrough there was an astounding number of issues that were accumulating as I went, ultimately making reloading after quitting the game quite hazardous. So, third act I pretty much rushed with doing couple of Elms side quests, a single god task(honestly, it never occurred to me that you could do multiple), and the Raedric Hold return.


What I'm wondering - at some point an NPC told me that the riots in Defiance Bay ceased and you could return there.


My desire to finish the game before it broke completely, as well as general dislike for large cities in RPGs made me never return there.


So I was wondering, for subsequent playthroughs, is there something that is worth coming back to in Act 3? Like new quests, storylines, and developments. Or is it just the means to let you collect bounties and get access to the traders there?

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Yup, all the 'big' NPC's all have special lines once you return (which is an awesome touch), but that's about it.

A few ghost Kickstarter NPC's appear you can have a chat with if you like the stories.


But mostly it seems just to allow you to finish your stuff if you didn't do so in Act II.




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