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Battle-forged stack bug even after 1.03



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I have previously fixed Pallegina's bugged DR bonuses using Cheat Engine.  You need to strip your character, then equip and unequip an item that gives a DR bonus to find the addresses.  Unenchanted armor doesn't change the DR bonus, but enchanted armor does, or you can use something like that belt of blunting.


DR bonus values are 4-byte floats, not integers.  There are seven values for the seven damage types.


If you are having trouble, maybe I can figure out how to make a cheat engine table file for you.

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Thats the only way? It wouldnt fix that battleforged talent popup, just lower my armor so it wont take effect. I was thinking about using console to remove and then add that battleforged talent so maybe it would fix it? I am not sure how to do it tho.

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