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A VERY dumb question



Ok, I'm not the brightest bulb, I admit it, but a quick question, on the graphics slider in the  "options" menu that changes the AA settings, which direction turns up AA?  I'm assuming it's to the right to increase AA, but it doesn't specify.  I tried all three and didn't really notice much difference on the first map at least.  I'd like to run it at the best settings so any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Haven't touched it so not sure, but the AA is most noticeable when zoomed in...I think it applies mostly to the characters, and if zoomed out all the way they're so small there's not much to work with. eg, when zoomed in (especially more than default zoom) looks all smooth but zoomed out to wide view you start to still see a bit of pixel effect on some edges.


Although I have seen some pics where I think the AA may not have been applying for them.

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