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  1. i got the same issue, which honestly i guess is a bug. I completed the cinders of faith quest and i got as result "extraordinary positive reputation" in the text screen, still looking the character sheet i see neutral with the bay, as i was before. I guess its weird cause previously for other locations/villages i saw the reputation changing according to the quests done, even little changes were visible in the char sheet.
  2. hello, the right is the best setting. i guess that the difference may be more or less visible depending on the card, maybe later there will be some more option to fine tune. On my spec the difference is visible.
  3. waiting for a next patch

  4. hello, In short, after patch 1.03 my user created rogue cant lockpick anymore, i tried to reroll a new one but i got the same issue. Basically now im a bit stuck cause i cant find a workaround, i tried to spec other chars for lockpicking but they are not yet enough high to avoid the problem. i was reading the forum to search about this issue, ive found this topic https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75207-cant-interact-with-locks-after-patch/?hl=lockpick, which anyway seems not to address the lockpicking issue at the end. System Specs win7x64 - 16gb - radeon 7770 game client from GOG
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