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Enemies frozen on the spot



So i was doing the bridge quest with the guy in sanguine armor, it was working fine on my practice (non trial of iron save) then when i loaded up the iron save i entered the fight, none of the enemy team moved. I completed the fight anyway thinking it was just a lucky occurrence that made a tough fight trivial, anyway I then went to ondras gift and found the same behavious by the thugs for that chest quest (the one with the captains hat).




Thats the save file, I couldnt find the output log but when I do ill link to that too.



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Same thing just started happening to me. I was doing the Magran quest in the fire cave, and after killing all but one enemy on the narrow bridge I sent a will o wisp Kana summoned to scout ahead on a suicide mission. After the wisp got killed by the big dragon(Cail The Wild?) combat didn't stop and no enemies were coming, sooo....


I ended up exploiting this by repeatedly summoning wisps to go in and wittle away the enemies. 2 Xiraup skirmishers died from either friendly fire or confusion attacks from their allies. Then as I started taking down the Xiraup priest in the very back of the cave I noticed that after I cleared Cail and started attacking the priest no one else would attack my Wisps, just the priest. eventually I killed the priest and focused on Cail, during which time nothing else attacked me, just Cail. After many, MANY wisps and about 10-20 uses of their lightning spell( because it glitches out sometimes and the graphical effect was staying there forever, so by the end I had like 5 white flashes of light lagging up the map) I got Cail down to nearly dead and bum rushed Cail with my whole party and killed him.


After that all the enemies have had this problem, after leaving the cave I went to the closest nearby map (the cliff where you look for persoc) and the enemies were still just standing still. It's weird because at one point some Xiraup and tree trolls were coming towards me but after being hit by my fire wall I put down.mostly seems that only like 3 Xirup skirmishers is the most that will attack me while everything else just ignores me.


So.... Any idea what's going on or any fix?


EDIT: well, just started up the game all seems to be working again. I'm thinking the issue is probably with the scripts getting overloaded from complex battles or exploits... Like summoning 100+ wisps I to kill a dragon lol.

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