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If it doesn't affect firearms.


And it doesn't affect crossbows or arbalests.


Guess that the answer to your question is.


His thinking was that, because shooting a war bow requires a lot of strength and a lifetime of practice, unlike guns and crossbows which even peasants could wield effectively, the skill would apply. Given that might applies to guns and crossbows,not just bows, I think it's fair to assume that Obsidian is not that rigorous when it comes to realism.

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That was my thinking, yes.


Though I suppose the tradeoff is that we get Marksman... Though I don't know if +5 Acc makes up for +15% DMG.

It depends. Your effective damage modifier for ACC goes up by about 5-7.5%, so in that way no. But if you're shooting at something where your accuracy is less than 15 more than their deflection, that 5 accuracy also increased your chance to connect by 5%, which means that all your other damage modifiers (Might, weapon quality, etc) went up in effective power.

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