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Hello everyone, a newcomer to this forum... Just got to the first inn in the game and met Aloth before I decided to reroll as a wizard myself! The idea of having your own grimoire and filling it with spells as you journey across the land fascinated me!


However, during level up, I'm not sure what skills to give my wizard. Character creation has already given me 3 free points in Lore, but it seems pointless to cast from scrolls when I can cast spells for free. Unless, of course, there are scroll-only spells; but are there any that make investing in Lore worthwhile, for a wizard?


I also have 2 free points in Mechanics - very useful so far, but I don't want to invest in it if another follower who will soon join me, has. And as for Survival, it seems that potions are more for tanks and frontliners.


Can you guys give me some ideas on what skills I should invest as a wizard? I'm playing on normal difficulty.



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There is a thread which might be of your interest:


Wizard talent build - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75514-wizard-talent-build/


Skills depend on your part composition and play style. Lore is useful even if only for scrolls as there can be times when Wiz has nothing to cast but scrolls. Athletics the usual (3?), if you scout with Wizard or initiate fights you need Stealth and Mechanics goes well with scouting and Stealth.


Do not worry about it too much. Its not like its possible to break the game through skill point distribution.

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