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Custom Parties and PotD

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But why would you ever want a wizard or any other DPS / AoE character with less than 18 might, int and dex?



It makes it more fun/challenging. 


I'm currently doing a POTD run using nothing but NPC's and my PC character, and equipping and building them in a sort of sensible fashion for each character. It's way more fun than when I just bought a bunch of adventurers and tried to break the game. Well, way more fun for me anyway, there's nothing wrong with people who like playing the games that way, I just personally enjoy making the game more challenging, while having a bit of lol-RP elements.


YMMV of course.

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There is no need to bash on players who min/max and disregard the RP aspect of PoE. Many of them (including me) are often fans of the IWD series who focus more on combat and mechanics over RP and immersion.


If anything, min/max'ing actually allows for more clarity on the balance of the game. Our inputs on whether a certain stat or class are useless or not are just as important as the RP players' inputs on whether some of the pre-made companions are cookie-cutter or mary sues.


After all, PoE is a spiritual successor of all the IE games, and that includes IWD, too.

*throws smoke bombs in the thread and vanishes into the dark corners of the forums*

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Yeah, I'll eventually do both types of runs. I always start off with the given party.. will probably use them for a few runs just so I can play with all the characters. Later on it'll be fun to make an interesting custom party.


I always though a fun way to allow for both custom parties and side party plot lines would be to tie character plots to the voice set. I have no idea if that would be easy or hard but it sure would be nice.

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Min-maxing has risks.  Assigning 2 18 stats is free, while the third involves reducing other stats.  This can bite you hard in things like saves and durability (glass cannons shatter if the enemy reaches the backfield.)  In fact, I'd view 18x3 characters as objectively weaker in many cases than ones that don't reduce saves or hit points.

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On the other hand the Pre-made companions have dialogue and quests, I don't understand why would anyone want to miss out on all these quests and dialogue by using custom created characters in their parties ......... isn't it just boring and makes you miss out on a major aspect of the game?

Aside from their bad builds, there's so much fighting to do (unless you want to miss out on loot) that their dialogues feel few and far between.

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