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I wanted to hire them as hirelings to my stronghold, with the Ogre and Vithrack (whilst also hoping I could recruit more monster types to create a monster fortress akin to the Dungeons faction from Heroes of Might & Magic).

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That's them, I was just surprised that there was nothing about it in the ending slides. I had expected the nice choice of helping them to have resulted in a new Vithraki kingdom starting up in Gilded Vale or something.


Was quite "disappointed" with those missing information about the Vithraki decisions myself. On the other hand i'd guess that the Vithraki realm(s) are just too far below the surface to have any (bigger) impact on kith. There may be a few of them crawling the surface, but overall they seem to keep for themselve. They aren't some creatures from the Underdark...


That's why i supported them in every quest or didn't attack them without any need.

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