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Priest seals accuracy way too high?



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I think the reason is, that those spells are traps and use trap accuracy calculation. Basic calculation may be something like this:


trap_accuracy = [(class_base) + 3*(LVL-1)] + [1*(LVL) + 3*(Mechanics)] + trap_specific_bonus + magical_constant


So besides boost from mechanics, traps also have this big (possibly flat) bonus. Is't it something like ~>30 ?


This has been also discussed by players during beta, so it's probably intended, but I'm not sure.

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You can cast these spell seals in combat, they arent any sort of a trap rly.


uh, well If you want to discuss definition of a trap or how to properly call spells which share trap behavior, I guess there is a whole discussion forum for that? Sorry for being confusing. I was merely trying to address your bug report from the point of view of seals' accuracies, that they have also possibly intended special bonus. I didn't have much time yet to play nor test how it exactly works in the final game. Though, I don't think those spells are getting bonus from mechanics, as the skill is boosting only mechanical traps.


Special bonus for trap spells may have different value, or so. Just quick looking at the Repulsing Seal Trap object and Noxious Burst Trap using object viewer from IE mod doesn't help me much. There are some assigned character stats and some possible accuracy bonus +40 in both cases. Dunno what formula is used for Repulsing Seal in the end. The behavior was quiet bugged in the past. I can try to do some tests or digging up later on if you are not going to.

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