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Latest patch for [Linux] GOG.com version impossible to play.



I downloaded the huge tarball from their site. It took so long I went to bed and checked it in the morning. Then I replaced my game folders with the updated folders inside the tarball... just extracting it. Just like I did when I first got the game.


I then proceeded to run the game and tried to access my most recently saved game... and the game crashes to the desktop.


I tried to start a new game, and the same thing occurs.


Why is this happening, and how do I fix it so that I can play the game I purchased?

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It works for me, but I didn't have previous saves.


Works for me. Did you overwrite the old files? If so, try to delete the old folder first.


It works now, thanks. I did overwrite and that's what caused it. I removed entirely and then re-added, nothing to replace this time so it worked.

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