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so sometimes, especially my two most melee characters, have ineffective weapons.


I have a rogue who has piercing/slashing and can swtich to crushing/piercing. sometimes neither seems to be effective.


some monsters don't have their DR stuff listed yet.


I was wondering if the Prima guide might be of help, or if anyone here had suggestions.


what I have done with my rogue and fighter have been to use one melee one ranged. 


I just got a ranger, so I can switch up the fighter.


also, I am the least effective member of my party (if I can keep mage alive)


the rogue invisibilty I use, in the heat of combat, does not seem worth the talent point to get the sneak in. also, she is squishing so a sneak attack at 2 meters then involves sprinting back to the tanks, sometimes not fast enough.


sorry for long post. liking game. just wanted advice.



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Melee weapons flat out just don't deal much damage in this game.  Anything that goes into melee combat and hits things isn't going to be very effective except if it's a min/max'd class using a specific build.  And even then it's still not going to do that much.  



Rogue in general is a class that depends on getting very high damage single attacks from stacking sneak attack+crippling strike/blinding strike, which makes it focused on using burst damage weapons like guns/crossbow/2h sword, which do 1 very high damage attack.


In my experience I find if you're not min/maxing them, then micro managing them by debuffing your opponent to trigger sneak attack THEN using abilities, they do very little damage period.  They're a pain in the ass without a big pay off at the end.



Pillars of Eternity is a game where it's all about sending in 1-2 invincible tanks, then having 4-5 guys stand back and unleash the DPS.  

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thanks for the stiletto advice, I have had more success with that, except against ogres. my fighter is eder but my rogue has very high dex and might. I will try the two weapons talent. I have taken crippling strike and that has helped.  I saw my rogue has made 93 crits, much more than any other party member.


I am in act two, I wish I could just rebuild my rogue without starting over, just once would be enough. 

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