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Enemy type (beast, vessel, etc)

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I'm thinking about enchanting my weapons with +% damage vs. certain creatures, but i'm not sure whats what except the obvious ones. How can I know if its not written in the bestiary?


I guess all dragons are of type beast though ? :)


The wiki claims that Dragons are beast.


And yes, the bestiary should be better... I found out this for the same reason (I was going to enchant a weapon, and noticed I had no idea what each type was, specially what the hell "vessel" meant, since it was important for the cleric spell thing... then I noticed I had to look on the wiki, and noticed that the dragon was on "beast" category, and looked sort of out of place, compared to the other beasts).

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I would've expected that info to be on the game itself not in wiki and all because I don't like looking at those because of spoilers and all but .. I guess i'll have to! :-P


Although I just needed the confirmation about dragons. adra dragon IS a beast then! NOW i'll do SOME damage before i'll die 8)


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Yeah, it's impossible to know what is what based on in-game information. The game rules are kinda obtuse like that. The fact that it's not even listed in the Bestiary - I feel that it'd be pretty much the only reason to even use the thing - is really odd.


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