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2 Fighters to hold multiple enemies or barbie instead?

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So I have been playing on Normal. Easy mode I suppose. However at 5th lvl I am now getting swarms of enemies. 6 or even 8. I have Eder and he has defender stance and a custom Monk, yet the monk cannot take hits and the mobs swarm around Eder and go right to Aloth. I am seriously thinking that if I removed the melee dps (monk) and added another fighter life would be fine. Slow but fine. 


Me (Cypher) -Blunderbus

Rogue -Arqebus

Durance - Staff,  but I am about to give him a gun or Arbalest does a good job debuffing. 

Aloth, going to give him more debuffing spells and FIREBALL!!!


So the Monk is my off tank but he really does not hold up at all. 


Eder if literally unstoppable even with 5 mobs wailing on him. 


My logic is if I can get another tank to tie up adds it would give my ranged a better time of it. Even if I made the fighter a two handed user with more 'dps' focus. 



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That is what I wanted to do, I was going to make Eder an off tank and make my true tank a dwarf with an optimized build. Then when I got Pallegina or Kana they would serve as back-up melee, especially with a Pike in close quarter/bottle-neck combat. I thought at first of making a Barbarian+Fighter+Paladin melee lineup but I think barbarians are kind of squishy, and for open-field combat I would really prefer a pair of fighters. 

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Tanks usually take very little damage in this game, even on the most difficult setting. So you don't really need to get as much damage as you can, better to have an extra tank and make life so much easier. I can even see having three tanks being a perfectly viable option but I use a barbarian instead to keep any stray enemies away from my squishies.

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