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[Bug/Glitch] Pink Character Shading/Buggy Map



Current Content Build ID: 579590


What's gone done got broked?

After downloading the latest patch on steam (It was ~578mb) and then loading up my game, i immediately noticed my characters feet were pink and any of my characters obscured by something, such as my rogue half behind the gate, and his pet dragonling.






Weird, but i thought it might go away. Walked off and entered scouting/stealth mode and suddenly all my entire party turned a shade of pink.





I tried changing areas and restarting the game, and also playing with the graphics settings but to no avail.

Here are my current settings:






So going back into the game and deciding to just play on i discovered it also occurs on items (aka dead bodies yet to be looted) on the ground where there shadow would normally be and also on NPC's as they entered/left the fog of war. Though i forgot to screenshot those.


Then i opened my map to quickly move somewhere and saw this:






Eww... It stayed like that as i moved around and had the same strange... stuff, all over it on other maps too. Though when you moved the mouse over either a character or a map marker it changed to this:





Have attached a DxDiag and the output log.

I know i'm not currently running the latest drivers for my graphics card, but i'm still using the same drivers/setting i was using yesterday before this patch and while i was having no graphical glitches like this, so i don't imagine that that is actually the issue unless something major was changed to affect the way model/spite shading works in the latest patch.



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So, strangely (or not so strangely) updating to the latest ATI driver's fixed the problem.

I guess the change to fix the doors not opening with the fog of war must have changed a way that the stuff was drawn, causing my old drivers to suddenly not work. 


Feel free to close/delete this thread if you wish. Or leave it up for anyone else googling the problem.

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