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So I'm trying to solo the game and I am having HUGE problems with phantoms. I just don't want to play Druid, but it seems they're the best option as they can nuke down almost anything.

What I really don't think is right is how they can stunlock someone almost entirely. Even a paladin with Deep Faith and quite high (at least I think 68Fort, 52 Ref, 58Will is high at lvl 4) saving throws has no chance of doing anything. I don't think that's proper balancing. Everything in this game is telling you "don't play solo". Almost every encounter and battle mechanic works against you here (tons of single target CC, interrupt system, etc.). I think locking solo gameplay down to only one or two viable classes is just not fun. =(

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How is that possible? for me almost every single hit of them stun me for 1.8 to 3.6 seconds. Their stun is on every single attack and has an accuracy of 46. O.o

What am I doing wrong?

Your passive defenses suck.  They have something like 61-65 melee accuracy in PotD (I'm assuming that's what you're playing) which your deflection can directly counteract and their Stuns attack Fortitude at 75.  If they're giving you the most trouble in advancing a solo playthrough, you should maybe give an Aumaua version of your preferred class a shot or take talents like the +10 fortitude (or any +Deflection talent) to have a change against them.  Solo playthroughs benefit a lot from switching gear, as well.

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Actually I didn't go for PotD because it seems impossible to me for a Paladin to do that.

I'm well into Act 2 on a solo+PotD run.  The only problem I don't have an answer for in an Ironman run at the moment would be Maerwald.


EDIT: I had to drag the spiders to him.  You can savescum your way through that part if you can get he and the spiders to kill each other.

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I also found them very frustrating at first. Not because of their stunning but because they teleport to your casters and have great defense.


Despite the difficulty, I think they add some flavor, since they're a little different to the usual enemies, but I can imagine them being a nightmare if you're doing solo.


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