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Pillars of Eternity - Steam Workshop later on?

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Hi there, 
I've just bought this game without any prior knowledge to it, didn't even look it up, just wanted to take a big shot at it and hope for the best, and now i'm addicted to it almost. 

However, I was wondering if Obsidian have any intentions on implementing the workshop feature on steam, since I could see even more potential in this game than it already has - I'm completely satisfied with the purchase. 

I'd love to see an implementation of a system that would affect the interpersonal relations with another of the mercenaries in your party, so that the different personalities may, or may not get along and according to that it would give some advantages or disadvantages, which would make it even more challenging to manage your party. 

Also by interpersonal actions within the party, i think such things as romance could be a nice little extra addition for an RPG like this. 
Maybe even more interaction possibilities with the NPC's could make the game time last forever. 

What are your thoughts on this? :) 


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Pretty sure they've said no official modding tools will be released, only that they'll try to keep things as mod-friendly as possible for those who want to attempt mods (some already have). I haven't heard anything about Steam Workshop.


Romance ... lots and lots of past threads on that topic, all the way back to Kickstarter. Probably won't happen. Wouldn't count it totally out for sequels perhaps but, heh, I gather it's probably not one of their priorities. Never know, tho! If you'd like to share why/what you like about romances in games, we have a thread for that discussion here.

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Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for posting the second part of the thread in the wrong section, i'll look closer next time before posting :) 
But it's sad that they won't release any official mod tools, since it would be a great move from Obsidian to make sure that the game will be kept alive, oh well. 
Haven't completed the game yet, bought it today and played for 8 hours, but it's already becoming addicting! 

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Nonetheless - modders are at it already ;)



Things like new areas will be the most difficult to mod in, but other stuff looks to be doable.  There'll probably be some NPC mods in the future.  How long depends on how complex it is to do, I guess.

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