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List of Spells that don't work or don't work correctly



Similar to my other thread( http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75176-master-list-of-talents-that-do-not-work-correctly/?hl=%2Bmaster+%2Blist+%2Btalents) about talents that don't work or don't work correctly, I'm making this topic to list spells that are wrong as well.



Prayer Against Bewildernment: doesn't reduce duration of effect of confusion (probably because the spell doesn't target confused allies who become enemies due to spell effects).

Prayer Against Treachery: see above.



Call to Slumber: inflicts a 0.0 duration prone effect, making this spell do absolutely nothing.



Twin Stones: testing this still, but its hit criteria are not working as indicated.



Ectopsychic Echo: Pretty sure this isn't supposed to do the full duration damage every proc.  All other 'ray' abilities state the full damage they'll do over the duration of the spell.  Ectopsychic Echo, a level 3 spell, does about 20-30 damage per second for 10 seconds, making it a Foe AOE spell that that can be learned at level low level that easily does 250+ damage to whole group of enemies.

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