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Hey everyone, I've been reading the Solo Strategy thread and have done a few runs through the early game solo on hard.  However, I find the gameplay too tedious to really enjoy any more.  The only way to really have success solo is to cheese fights, and it's just not worth it for me.  Sure I could play on easy or normal, but then it just seems kinda lame.  I dunno.



So I thought it might be fun to try 2 character parties, and see what fun things people here can come up with.


I think a basic obvious strategy is a tank and a DPS character.  Maybe a paladin and rogue/barb, or fire godlike barb tank :fdevil:  with a ranged DPS/Support character.  :cat:


Anyway, nothing concrete from me yet, just wanted to start the conversation.   :biggrin:  

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I don't know about classes but there's a really good Estoc (the Best in fact) that gives +10 accuracy to an ally that attacks the same target. Also gives attack speed bonus(huge), DR penetration and it's top quality and still enchantable. It might be a really good choice for two character party.  :yes:

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