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So I have noticed that all the other Animal Companions have actual attributes spread But the wolf. The wolf has straight 10's through all attributes yet the wolf description says he is high damage. The bear has 15 might so 15% increase to damage yet the wolf only has 10 might. does this actually matter do attributes factor in? if so the wolf is clearly under developed I hope this gets fixed with the next patch.


If anyone out there knows the engine or how to look into the actual stats I would love to know if this actually factors in.

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I have Google it and found a post from a developer that stated that the wolf essentially isn't finished and that they are looking into it. The wolf appears to get at tiny 15% dmg increase independent of might. meanwhile all the other animals get there might bonus the bear for example has 15 and the wolf has 10 so the wolf has the 15% for being a wolf but 0% from 10 might the bear has 15% from might. So the bear is definitely better then the wolf, so unless for roleplay reasons choose the bear.

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