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There's really not enough variety in enchantments for this to matter. Enchanting isn't really 'good' in this game. +2-6 DR on armor is nothing late game, and there's so many exceptional/superb named items throughout the game that it's better to just pick them up. You can get +3 to an attribute from items instead of the maximum of +2 from enchants.


Corrode, I think, is the least resisted damage bonus, though.

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I think enchanting can be useful to plug the 'resistance hole' on armour (like the pierce proofing on Eder's scale armour) or to upgrade the quality of unique equipment (like said armour or Durance's staff). Enchanting basic standard equipment is a waste IMHO.

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I actualy keep enchanting my gear if i know that i wil use it.Like fullplate alrmor, big shield, firearms, or weapons if i have specilization.

If you enchant your weapon with elemental damage, kith slaying and fine (then exeptional as you progress) its actualy pretty good.I have lot of unique weapons, but using only few of them since mine enchanted are better for what my class is for.

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