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I've seen stat requirements up to 19 so far, and that's just up through Defiance Bay.


Put plainly, unless you absolutely cripple yourself outside of conversations, it's just not practicle to boost conversation skills high enough to get all of them. 19 in Perception, Resolve, Intelligence, Might...not happening.


Plus on top of the attributes are the skill requirements. So far I've seen the need for +5 in a couple different skill types.

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 Keep in mind that inns and your stronghold (after certain upgrades) give you stat bonuses and food too (no idea if they can mix or not). But it usually is 16 points of given attribute (not always ofcourse)..

 And if you want to have more ''dialogue'' stats you can always play spellcaster and be fine....although with how Resolve and Perception give you defense you can also play paladin I guess...

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I'm 99% sure 20 is the highest it will go. Intelligence, Resolve, and Perception all get used the most. 


14-16 in each will get you through the earliest parts of the game. You can get a +2-3 bonus from items, another +2-3 from consumables, and then you have the capacity of resting in an inn.


Typically, in most situations where it matters, you'll have the option to duck out of the conversation and come back after you've prepared for the requirement.

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