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I'm reading from the loading screen tip that events at strongholds, namely tax collection and generation of ingredients occur after completion of quests. Well, if this is the case, won't that mean there is a finite number of resources to be harvested? And are the completion of quests tied to adventures which can bring in some gold and items? 


Or is it such that after completing x amount of quests, certain events are triggered, and hence forth they are triggered infinitely after x days have passed? 


To my understanding, tax collection is also bugged that we don't get money but if bandits come and conduct a raid, we have to pay for damages (One way tax! That's how you run a kingdom!). Was this fixed in 1.03?


Cause last I checked, mobs don't respawn - short of the ones that raid the stronghold. The devs want us to concentrate on the stories and dialog, but from a resource point of view how do I break PoE's economy in a legit manner so I can finish all my upgrades and get some enchanting going? 

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Last question: By playing the game. :D

As with many games of that sort, the prices look outrageous when you start out but you'll get a better perspective if you play along. Not only do some quests net you serious coin, but loot adds up in the long run, esp. after enemies start dropping Fine stuff. The stronghold taxes are insubstantial.


Construction, mercenary payday, and some event timers are tied to game time.

Most other stuff - taxes, completion of adventures, appearance of visitors, stuff in your treasure chest from buildings etc., hapen as you (i.e. your party) complete quests. If you just rest for ages, nothing if that sort will ever happen in your stronghold. If you turn in several quests at once, several things will happen at Caed Nua.

Yes, that means that costs like mercenaries are potentially infinite, revenue and adventures from the stronghold are not. It's usually not an issue if you just play the game - don't go overboard in the beginning, gold to spend at your stronghold will start coming, eventually.


Don't assume that your stronghold taxes will make a difference. Just don't.

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