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question re item enchantments

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Some items come with enchantments but it's not always clear what those do. For instance, Eder's chestpiece comes with both +3 piercing dr and something called second chance. Oddly second chance is not listed in his character sheet. Now one is clear but what does the other do, and is there anywhere you can see a description for these effects? The item description just lists the enchantment names, and so does the enchantment menu. Mayn effects are either unique or otherwise not listed in the enhantment menu yet, so can't look them up there, either. And no tooltip top be found. Where can you find more info? There ought to be a mouseover tooltip for item enchantments.

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More accurately, it revives the wearer after they've been knocked out (ie: Endurance falls to zero). Only once per combat though. If charcater health goes to zero, your character is still kaput.


Usually you seem to get back between 30% and 60% of total Endurance. I've not followed it very closely as when it does happen the situation tends to be a bit frantic. :>

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Thanks, suspected it might be some kind of revive effect (he's a follower of Eothas, god of rebirth after all), but still would be nice if items had a bit more info...

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Or a little less info, depends on the kind of info.


I don't really need to know that the enchantment for damage against kith does:

X damage against humans

X damage against aumaua

X damage against elves

X damage against dwarves

X damage against godlike

X damage against olans


just say to does X damage against all civilized races, ffs.

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