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Patch 1.0.3


I really wonder if the bugs are gone in regards to stacking stats?

Is it normal for my level 5 barbarian to have 1036 HP with constitution 10?




Reason I wonder why it is strange is because Eder has less then my main, while more constitution etc:



I am not good with math and what you need to calculate etc?


But unless main char has special modifiers, common sense would say something is wrong here?

Think there is still a bug in game that doesnt fix HP?

Or maybe HP didnt get properly fixed when loading in saves that were from 1.0.2 into 1.0.3?


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Fighter Health should be Endurance x 5; Barbarian Health should be Endurance x 6.


PS: How many Belts of Bountiful Healing have you found?  Are you sure you haven't been using a mod or editing your saves?


Ofcourse im not editing anything, else I wouldnt even be on the forum asking about this.

No im talking about pure legit play, but you guys are right. Barbarian gains more endurance each level then fighters, so that probably explains it. Forgot about that one.


Thanks, i got my explanation. Seems to make sense now

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Keeping in mind I have not yet played under 1.03, as I understand it, those Health values on both your characters are in fact MUCH higher than they should be.  Barbarians are supposed to get 48 base Endurance + 16 / Level (beyond the first), and 6x times that in Health.  So yours should have 48+64=112 Endurance, which he does.  But his health should be only 6x112=672, not 1032.  Fighters get 42 base, +14/level, and 5x.  So Eder should have (42+56)*1.21 (CON bonus) = 119 Endurance, which he does.  But his health should be 5x 119 = 595, not 836.  Unless they stealth-changed Health math in the patch, or there's some buff you have that raises Health, there is something wrong.

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