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  1. Let me stop you right there. Where did you get the idea that the firing rate is exactly 3x between these two? According to our work on this spreadsheet, at Dex 10, with 0 speed modifers (attack, recovery, reload), arbalest takes 294 frames, or 9.80s @ 30fps. War Bow takes 129 frames, 4.30s. The ratio between them is 9.8/4.3 = 2.28. Pretty big difference right there. Any reload mod benefits only the arbalest. Armor recovery penalty also benefits the arbalest (ratio down to 1.97 @ -50%). Only attack speed benefits the war bow. And you'd need to be naked with a 90% attack speed modifer to get to a 3.00 attack rate ratio. So unless that's your typical scenario, the rest of your calculations are significantly off. And why are you even comparing it to an arbalest instead of an Arquebus? My spreadsheets suggest the Arquebus is almost always significantly higher DPS than the arbalest. It's not that much slower, has a 6 DR bypass along with +3 average damage, which is an enormous advantage.
  2. I went with 3 might, 18 con, 3 dex, 15 int, because between the armor, shield, Defender, low attack speed, and a defensive 1h weapon, my damage is total crap anyway, but low might then means I have a big Fortitude problem, hence I max the Con to compensate. Reflex is covered via Shield talent, so my biggest concern is definitely Fortitude. One thing I didn't consider is that the might reduces my End regeneration rate. I thought the Int would be good for longer Knockdowns, but with my Accuracy being penalized by the shield, I seem to miss with those quite often. I do like that the Int gives me some more interesting dialogue choices, though.
  3. Keeping in mind I have not yet played under 1.03, as I understand it, those Health values on both your characters are in fact MUCH higher than they should be. Barbarians are supposed to get 48 base Endurance + 16 / Level (beyond the first), and 6x times that in Health. So yours should have 48+64=112 Endurance, which he does. But his health should be only 6x112=672, not 1032. Fighters get 42 base, +14/level, and 5x. So Eder should have (42+56)*1.21 (CON bonus) = 119 Endurance, which he does. But his health should be 5x 119 = 595, not 836. Unless they stealth-changed Health math in the patch, or there's some buff you have that raises Health, there is something wrong.
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