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The battle with Lillith (some banshee) was FUN!

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I just wanted to say, THANKS Obsidian, that was a very difficult battle but SO satisfying when I won. My final tactic was to keep all of the party far away, so they would miss the initial paralyze, allow us to build up some buffs and get off some ranged AoE and send poor Eder to talk to the banshee and get all the agro. Great fun.

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You didnt need high perception

Just use your words! :p


I thought I needed to pass the perception check in order to resolve that without combat? How do I complete the quest without that perception check?


And it's weird, as I keep choosing the 'get closer' option, the perception check keeps lowering until it's low enough for a couple of my companions to pass but it stays red. So does that mean the conversation checks always only use my PC stats?

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Well, I did the right thing in the end. I increased my perception and released her from her torment. I feel like I'm a better person now! :p

Anyway, it was was a top fight. Hopefully there will be more difficult battles like this one, as I'm finding it a bit too easy so far on hard setting.

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You can also read the ship logs that are on one of the tables in that room. Then you speak to the owner of the tower outside, which directs you to a certain someone at the Inn at Blackenberry(sp?) who can help you solve it peacfully

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